Friday, May 1, 2015

What you need to know about cr7 ?

                       What you need to know about cr7 ?

Cristiano Ronaldo

The boy from Madeira, an island off the coast of Portugal. Born in February 1985. The youngest of four. At 12 years old he moved to Lisbon to join Sporting Lisbon's academy.
From day one cr7 worked day and night to improve his game. It paid off, because now he is, arguably, the most famous footballer in the world.
"To have a guy who can score 30 goals in a season is a major factor." says Peter Cech, his teammate at Real Madrid. He is a goal-scoring machine, having won every accolade including UEFA Champions League, English Premier League, FA Cup, La Liga, FIFA World Player Of The Year and the Ballon D'or.
Based on various interviews with cr7 here are 15 things he wants you to know.

Bad Image

He speaks very good English with an obvious Portuguese accent, which I'll try to portray in the dialogue. He sometimes thinks he has bad image in the pitch, because he is too serious. If you really know him, if you are his friend, if you live inside his house, if you share the day with him you will know he hates to lose. Even when he is racing his girlfriend in the swimming pool he wins, because he hates to lose. He doesn't care what the newspapers or the magazines say about him. He doesn't read them. The most important is his family, the people who are his friends and who he works with.

Arrogant And Conceited

He considers himself as honest and direct and thinks he pays the price by being too honest. Definitely yes. His critics consider him arrogant, but it is part of his education. The real cr7 is a friend of who is his friend.

Leaving His Family

He had to leave his family and go to the mainland when he was 12 years old. It was the worst time of his life, but he is not that boy with pimples, crooked teeth and spaghetti in his hair anymore. He thinks he would be a normal man, maybe like one of his brothers with a job, had he not been a footballer.

Important People In His Life

His mother is the most important person in his life. She gave him everything he has. She is always in his sights in the good moments and the bad. His father died of an alcohol related disease in 2005. It was his father who gave him is name as he was a big fan of American President; Ronald Reagan.
He considers Alex Ferguson (his former Manchester United manager) as being like a woman person to him. He taught him many things like a father figure. He misses him, because he had a great relationship with him.
Alex Ferguson said : "Ronaldo is a good guy, he knows the time of day."

Manchester United

He played for Manchester United for 6 years and won 10 trophies with them, including the 2008 UEFA Champions League. He grew homesick and wanted to move closer to home. In 2009 he transferred to Real Madrid for $131 million.